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Raise money for Cheraw Intermediate by shopping at Amazon!

Fundraise for Cheraw Intermediate School While You Shop!

If you shop on Amazon, you can effortlessly earn money for CIS. We are part of the Simple Fundraiser Amazon Affiliates program, a simple and painless way for you to help us fundraise, simply by shopping as you normally do There is no sign up involved – you just click on our shopping link to get to Amazon and then shop as you normally do – Amazon does the rest. You don’t have to sign up, and you don’t have to enter any special codes – just link before you shop.

Clicking on this unique fundraiser link takes you directly to, where you can browse and shop just as you normally would. Each month, Simple Fundraiser pays us up to 5% of all purchases made by shoppers who reached Amazon through this special link. That includes products sold at Amazon by other companies too.

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Order matters: You need to link, shop, and check out, in that order. You have to click our link before you put anything in your cart.

Happy Shopping! Source: Amazon Fundraiser