Research: 5th Grade


Black History Month
Online Resources: 
          Where to start: 
    • World Almanac Kids
    • Brittanica Elementary
  • EPIC Books (Use code from Mrs. Smith and click on 5th Grade Students. Be sure you look for NONFICTION titles)
  • From Hidden to Modern Figures (NASA)
Suggestions Famous African American to Research:
Madame CJ Walker-inventor
Jackie Robinson-baseball player
George Washington Carver-scientist worked with peanuts
Sojourner Truth-Abolitionist: spoke against slavery 
Marian Anderson-concert singer
Frederick Dougglas-Abolitionist who spoke against slavery
Carter G. Woodson-father of Black History
Barack Obama-former US president
Coretta Scott King-civil rights supporter
Joe Louis-boxer
Aretha Franklin-singer
Jackie Joyner-Kersee: track and field star
Hattie McDaniel-actress
Ronald McNair-astronaut
Venus or Serena Williams-tennis players
Mary Bethune McLeod-educator and women's right activist
Duke Ellington-jazz musician
Billy Holiday-jazz musician
Wilma Rudolf-track and field star
Ella Fitzgerald-singer
Althea Gibson-tennis player
Chuck Berry-musician
Quincy Jones-musician
Henrietta Lacks-patient whose cells were illegally used for research
Jesse Owens-track & field star
Sidney Poitier-actor
Stevie Wonder-singer/songwriter
Ray Charles-singer/songwriter
Louie Armstrong-Jazz musician
Smokey Robinson-musician
Bessie Coleman-pilot
Kobe Bryant-basketball player
Lonnie Johnson-inventor of Super Soaker water gun
Jack Johnson-heavyweight boxer
Charlie Sifford-golfer
Bill Russell-basketball coach
Debi Thomas-ice skater
Hank Aaron-baseball player