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Books, Books, Books

Need help finding reviews, reading levels, titles in a series, or  info about books? 
Check out the following links: 
  • CIS Library Catalog: Find titles from our own library as well as titles around the district. See Mrs. Smith for more information.
  • NoveList (DISCUS Resource): Excellent source for finding "read alikes" More info here
  • Follett Titlewave: create a account and link it to our school and find out everything about a book. This is where we order most all library books from because it is amazing! Incredible feature to create lists of books!
  • Goodreads: one of my personal favorites to keep lists of what I've read. You can receive notifications of upcoming titles published by your favorite authors. Also includes amazing lists like these of books based on genre and age. 
  • EpicBooks: Free for teachers. Access to 35,000 books, videos, and more! Mrs. Smith's FAVE!!!
  • SC Remote Learning Resources: The SC Department of Ed has launched this website offering digital teaching and learning resources for teachers, parents and students. 
Award Titles


Here are the resources I use when researching with students in the library. Grades 4 and 5 have used these during library time. 
  • Choose reliable resources for your students. Either provide links or photocopies of articles.DISCUS offers MANY fabulous resources. Please click on Student Resources to see the link to the DISCUS Kids SmartSearch. Typing in a search term will search all of the resources geared toward elementary aged children. I am more than happy to put some resources together for any of your projects. 
  • Let's work together so that children have consistency. I use the handout below for students to list the name of the resource and notes. Please feel free to use it or let's design one for your project. Just let me know. 
  • Plagiarism: as much as I urge students to write notes in their own words, I'm not sure they truly understand how to do that. If students list the resource used, this will give credit to the source of information. I simply have them list the name of the resource: Britannica, book title, Ducksters, etc


  • To get your students to the library page, have them type in https://tinyurl.com/mycislibrary. All online resources are found under Student Resources.