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CIS Arts Initiative


Recognizing the need for the students at Cheraw Intermediate to have a well-rounded experience with the arts, a committee was formed in the fall of 2011.  The Strategic Arts Steering Committee (SASC) met and drafted a 3 year plan aimed at providing opportunities for CIS students to have a more well-rounded arts experience.

Members for the committee are parents, community leaders, arts leaders, teachers and administrators.  The committee identified four areas needing attention.

Goals of the SASC:
  • Address all 5 arts areas
    • Music (currently offered)
    • Visual Art  (currently offered)
    • Dance (part time instructor)
    • Theater (artist in residence)
    • Creative Writing (classroom instruction)
  • Provide Arts Professional Development
    • Scholarships for teachers to attend South Carolina Department of Education sponsored summer ‘Arts Institutes’
    • Provide professional development in arts integration for teachers.
  • Facilities
    • Provide an Art Gallery (completed)
    • Provide a Dance Studio (completed)
    • Provide lighting for stage performances
    • Provide sound system and microphones for stage performances
  • Resources
    • Create ‘Art Carts’ as a resource for classroom teachers
    • Create an ‘Arts’ professional library/resource room

Utilizing the 3 year plan developed by the SASC, two grants were written, the Arts in Basic Curriculum  (ABC) grant and the Distinguished Arts Program (DAP) grant.  Funding of these grants will enable goals in the 3 year plan to be met.  During the 2012/2013 school year, CIS received confirmation that the ABC grant and the DAP grant were funded.  CIS has received confirmation again this year that the ABC grant was funded and will be funded through 2018.  These funds will allow SASC to continue to provide opportunities in the arts for our students.